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Not mine! 🙂

I had the pleasure of shooting with Julie and Eric last week….. they are expecting their first, a baby girl. I can’t state enough, or with enough emotion, how much I L O V E shooting maternity photos… and I really fell in love with some of these! Congrats Julie and Eric! Doesn’t she look so radiant?? Love it!

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 juliepeck68 juliepeck33


juliepeck16 juliepeck30


juliepeck79 juliepeck04





juliepeck22 juliepeck83



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I got to go do a really fun shoot in Old Town Scottsdale the other night…. My friends Christi and Matt are expecting their first baby in a month or less. I love doing belly pics. They are just so fun and full of life (literally) and emotion. Love, love love it. So here are just a “few” of my faves.

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 christibellypics110 christibellypics090

 christibellypics026 christibellypics082


christibellypics079 christibellypics076


christibellypics057 christibellypics098



christibellypics100 christibellypics121


christibellypics0721 christibellypics1261


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Just got back from Colorado for a fun and tiring exhausting vacation. 🙂 We were able to reconnect with some dear friends, which makes vacationing all the more fun (at least according to us).

Josiah and John (my hubby) were college roommates for their freshman and sophomore years at John Brown University 7+ years ago. WOW. Time has simply FLOWN by. Six years ago, Josiah and John were talking about the pro’s and con’s of John pursuing a certain new girl on campus (me). Don’t remember the pro’s, but the one “con” was that I was 3 years older. But then Josiah came up with a brilliant solution…. because guys supposedly die younger the women, it was really a pro after all…. we could die together. 🙂 Thanks for getting things started for us Josiah! Autum and Josiah also met at school and married after we all graduated.  Now, seven years and 3.5 kids between the 4 of us… we are all together again in Colorado for a few days.

3.5 you ask? Well, this one is still bakin’ in the oven:

I love how soft, natural, and sweet these are…. TOTALLY reflects Autum’s personality and the way she carries herself and her baby boy. These were all taken at various locations around the cabin we rented. It was a blast.

And dude, if the next one is half as cute as this little guy, we will have another heartbreaker on our hands!!! We love you guys!!

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It seems that each photo shoot I have, I walk away thinking that it was the best EVER. And then the next one rolls around and THAT one is just the best ever. Today I was so thrilled to shoot Sandy’s maternity pictures. She is simply gorgeous and so photogenic. Ironically, she has thought she was not photogenic for years and avoided the camera at all costs! Not so anymore!!! Her beauty and confidence is so transparent and she was so fun to capture in photos! There were so many incredibly fun and unique shots, and also some very classic and traditional captures as well. I am having a really hard time scaling the sheer numbers down. My “favorites” folder is, uh, quite large. 🙂

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Belly Shots

Maternity photography is rapidly becoming one of my favorite genre’s of photography. There is just something so precious about the emotion, anticipation, and joy of capturing a soon-to-be mom with her unborn child. I had the pleasure of working with Abby this weekend and documenting this momenteous time in her life. Hope you enjoy! More on the SLIDESHOW.

“…You knit me together in my mother’s womb… I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”
Psalm 139

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