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The Wedding

Well, first of all, I have to say it was so wonderful to be able to be a part of Susan and Greg’s wedding day… even if only to meet this extraordinary couple. The love and respect that their friends and family had for them was so incredibly obvious… and very well expressed throughout the day! It was so fun to be a fly on the wall (albeit with a huge camera hanging around its neck) at the reception and listen to toast after toast attesting to the character, perseverance, personality and love these two have for each other, their friends and family and also most importantly, God. Susan and Greg, I wish you all the blessings and joy God has to offer as you embark on this new journey together! Thanks so much for entrusting such a big part of your wedding to me… I hope these pictures (and the hundreds more to come) will bring back all the memories and feelings of joy, excitement, love and anticipation of your wedding day for the years to come.

Onto the wedding…. it was one of the most colorful and “happy” weddings I have ever been to! Susan is Indian and thus incorporated many aspects of her culture into the wedding. The bridesmaids and a good percentage of the female wedding guests were in the most gorgeous, bright, elegant saris! Talk about eye candy!!! I couldn’t get enough of the colors, texture and details of this wedding. It was just stunning. Enough talk… here are a sampling of my favorites from the wedding…

The Details:


Getting Ready:

IMG_0424_1 IMG_0426_1 IMG_0455 copy

The Dress:

I love this first one because of its old world feel…. the girls were staying in an old, beutiful bed and breakfast and it seems this picture really captures the feeling of the place.

IMG_0256_1 IMG_0327_1 IMG_0345_1

The Bride:

IMG_0520 IMG_0491 IMG_0591

IMG_0555 copy IMG_8006

Susan and her fam before the wedding:

IMG_8022 IMG_8055

IMG_8062 IMG_8070Link

Greg and his guys:

A HUGE thanks to Shelby Martin of Shelby Leigh Photography (link on right) for her amazing second shooting skills! While I was with the girls, Shelby was getting some of these awesome shots of the guys!

shelby 103 shelby 067 copy

shelby 114_2 copy shelby 108_2 copy shelby 104_2 copy

The Ceremony:

IMG_8181 IMG_8169

Mr. and Mrs. Smith:


IMG_8458 IMG_8466 IMG_8707_1

IMG_8717bw IMG_8698

And they had this amazing getaway car… bu by the time we got outside it was dark… thanks to a flood light, though, we were able to get a couple of shots off…

IMG_8637_1 IMG_8652_1


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