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NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!

Howdy folks! Well, its LIVE now! Head on over to…




…for the newest and freshest CHP blog experience. 

** please update your favorites list or blogroll if I happen to be one of your chosen ones:) **

** also, please note that my portfolio website, http://www.chelseahudson.com, is still under construction while  being renovated… it should be updated soon-ish. **


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Stay Tuned! 🙂


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I usually blog about our family adventures and life in general over at my OTHER BLOG, but I thought I would include a little snapshot here as well. 

Spring in Phoenix is really near perfect. And our family has been diligently taking advantage of it since we KNOW what is to come in less than a month (heat, heat, and more extreme heat). 

We learned many valuable lessons while living in Europe from 2005-2007, one of which was to really get out and experience your city, state, country (and in Europe’s case, the countries around you!). And we did that there. And we are trying to do that here in Arizona as well. 

A few of our recent outings have led us north of Carefree, AZ, north of Payson, AZ, and northeast of Apache Junction, AZ. All of them are easy day trips and we love, love, love driving somewhere new and just playing in this new (to us) and fascinating environment (everything from desert to tall pines and snow in March!). 

Here are some snapshots of our family hard at play. 🙂


img_8159_1 img_8045_1













img_1003 img_1031



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Ok, not yet… but two of my wedding photos have been selected as finalists in a national wedding photo contest! Apparently over 3000 submissions came in and two out of the three of mine were selected as finalists…. in my book, that is already a major WIN! I am honored!

Please go to the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTORY and vote for your favorite wedding photos…. I sure hope you will vote for mine, but as you will see, there are some AMAZING shots being featured!  If you have the time and opinion, there is a place to critique the photos… I would love to hear what you have to say. Here are the two finalists of the three I submitted:

from Greg and Susan’s wedding:


from Joe and Anne’s wedding:


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So, this little blog game of tag has made its way around almost the entire photography community I think. In fact, I have no idea who there is left to tag….

Thanks, Dan, for including me in the fun, though!

Sooooooo, 8 things you may or may not know about me…. this could be interesting:

1. I absolutely hate potatoes and beans… of any kind. Yes, including french fries. They all make me gag, or worse, puke. My parents used to make me eat them, assuming I was just being picky, until that fateful evening when I threw up the mashed potatoes all over the dinner table. No more taters for me thank you very much.

2. I have been to every continent except Antarctica.

3. I started riding a horse, by myself, at 2 years old. My mom started me riding with her when I was 6 months old.

4. I was in a skit at my church with David Robinson, of the San Antonio Spurs… I came up to about his belt buckle. Seven feet tall is TALL, folks.

5. My husband (boyfriend -to -be at the time) first told me he loved me while we were both sitting on lawn chairs under a starry African sky while on a safari in Uganda. We also rafted the Nile that trip. Talk about adventure romance.

6. I really want to act in a movie someday – a childhood dream that has never gone away.

7. I have a celeb gossip fetish.

8. My Grandfather (Dad’s side) was the youngest of 20 kids. His father was one of 16 I think. My mom is one of 7 kids. Her mom is one of 9 kids. Unbelieveable. But oh so true.

So now I have to tag some people…. Oh boy. Some of these photogs may have already been tagged…


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