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Whew…. I need a vacation… Oh good, its here.

I will be away from my email and this darn wonderful blog for a few days (i am addicted to blogging. its true. so this is a vacation from my computer as well as a family vacation. its a much needed detangling myself from my beloved computer).

If you are wanting to get in on the summer special by booking a session by August 1, just email me by then and we will work it out when I get back from Colorado!

Happy weekend whereever you are, whoever you are! 🙂


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And the winner is…

Congrats to Kat for her award winning suggestion! Thanks Kat! Your gift card will be headed your way asap!

Here was the run-down of the results:

Thank you to all who participated with your creative suggestions as well as your comments! I had several people come up with a few other suggestions after the poll was up….. Paige suggested “Taken” and I love that as well (along the same lines as my “hot off the market” idea). Simple. True. Katy, an amazingly creative woman and photographer suggested ::she:: and I think that is really out-of-the-box creative Katy! I love the idea of having a name for these sessions that fits regardless of whether or not the woman is a mother or not. Anyhow, just a big thanks to ALL who participated – this was FUN!!! Lets do it again soon!

And last but not least…. the random commenter award goes to…………………….. (lots of you emailed me or sent me messages via Xanga or otherwise… but you didn’t get in on this part of the contest unless you COMMENTED on this blog. sorry charlie. yeah, I am hard core. next time, come on over here and comment! 🙂

Commenter #7 – Mark C! An iTunes or Starbucks  (your preference dude – email me or leave a comment and let me know!! not a coffee drinker or music downloader? this is your chance to score some major brownie points and give your sweet wife the card 🙂 ) card is on its way to you as well! Thanks for playing!


In other news…. we are off to Colorado at the crack of dawn tomorrow and will be back next Monday, so I will most likely be away from email most of the time. If you send an email, I will get back to you next week! Thanks!!

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Meet the McCalebs. They are just awesome. Period. Well, not just period. Let me elaborate. They are so fun, funny, happy, loving, joyful, and full of life. They are up for just about anything and are just a blast to be around. This is my second session with them and I can’t wait for a third (senior pics here we come!). They have such a fin and peaceful family vibe… I think it is pretty evident in the photos. See for yourself!

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Ready to vote??!

Ok, so as I have talked to several wives/mommies (and some hubbies/daddies too), it turns out that the idea of doing a shoot “just ‘cuz” for a mom or wife is a big big hit. I know a big trend out there right now is “boudoir” shoots (basically a “for his eyes only” kind of shoot), but 1. not all wives/moms are into posing in their unmentionables, and 2. I don’t do boudoir shoots.

So, an alternative is to do a shoot like Lys’ (last post) and just have fun and celebrate being YOU. I had one dad/hubby say verrrry quickly “I would LOVE pictures of just my wife!” So I am officially going to start pushing this idea on many of you wives and/or moms out there…. and there may even be a special deal for just such a shoot as this coming your way!! Stay tuned!

But I need a name for this kind of shoot, so let’s get this contest going! Ok so go ahead and vote with the poll, but leave a comment too cause there just might be some luvin’ sent to a random commenter! 🙂 Voting ends at midnight on Tuesday the 29th, so vote fast!

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Contest time….

Meet my friend, fellow photographer, and fellow mommy (yup, you read right…. mom of 6 to be exact) Lys. We spent a couple of hours one evening just being friends and doing what photographer friends do… shooting. But I think you (whoever is reading this right now) and I both totally lucked out with me being BEHIND the camera cause 1. I got to take the pics of this lovely lady and work on angles, light and editing techniques and get amazing shots for my portfolio, and 2. lets just say with Lys being the model, these pics are WAAAAAY easier on the ole eyes than if I were the one in front of the camera. 🙂 We had so much fun. You would never guess that she was a mom of 6, and had just gone through (and was still in the midst of) a painful health/emotional issue literally a day or two before these were taken. But it was a sweet time to just get away and be friends and get her mind off the other “stuff” that felt so overwhelming…. and she is going to totally hook her hubby up with these pics too.


I need to come up with a creative new section of my website for shoots such as these…. hot mamas? off-the-market babes? the ole wifey? Um, suggestions anyone?? Between these shots of Lys and the shots to come of Mrs. McCaleb (yes, the McCaleb family session is still “coming soon” I promise!!)… I decided I need to have a gallery just for them. So help me come up with a creative title for such a gallery as this. I hope to be doing many more shoots for moms and or wives just wanting to have some fun “just them.” Send me your suggestions (info @ chelseahudson.com) … I will pick a few to put up on the blog and we can all vote. The winning submission will recieve a $10 Starbucks card (or maybe even be able to choose between a Starbucks card, iTunes card or some other coffee/drink shop in your area such as Caribou or something like that…). This will be fun! Start sending in your ideas over the weekend and next week we will vote!!!

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I am in Texas right now and not able to check my CHP email. If you need to get a hold of me or have any questions, please leave a comment on this blog and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂

In the meantime…. if you are looking for a book to check out this summer, let me suggest The Shack, by William P Young. I could not put it down. I am planning to read it again soon because there is so much depth and truth in the pages, so much to glean. So go get you a copy and also some tissues and don’t even think about starting the book unless you are ready to not move from one spot until you finish it.

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