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E-Session in Paris

I met a wonderful couple in Paris this weekend to do their engagement session. One word comes to mind when I think of Delissa and Travis – FUN! They are so much in love and obviously have so much fun together. It was such a pleasure to meet them and become friends in the course of a few hours and many miles of walking together all over the city. 🙂 Paris, like Berlin, has no shortage of gorgeous photo backdrops…. the problem is that it would take days and days to find our way to all these amazing nooks and crannies, and possibly a few sets of feet to get you there.
The weather forecast was rain, rain, oh and a few thunderstorms, but as you can see, the weather held out for us (Thanks, God!), albeit a bit hazy and cloudy.

Here are the photos! Slideshow to come soon with many more photos!!


Didn’t I say they were fun?!

IMG_6858.jpg IMG_6774.jpg IMG_6725.jpg



IMG_6815bw.jpg IMG_6995.jpg IMG_7073-1.jpg


IMG_6734.jpg IMG_6712.jpg IMG_6802sepia.jpg

And last but definitely not least…. some “fine art” creations. Delissa really wanted some vintage/romantic style photos. As I began to play with some textures and effects, I started to see those old Parisian postcards, or newspapers in my mind… faded, grainy, antique. I hope that some of these evoke that old-time romantic feeling one conjurs up when you think about love and romance in Paris.

IMG_6891WOWtexture copy


IMG_6858texture copysepia



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Miss Mila

I love these “three generations” shots…. so emotional. so rich.

“just hangin'”

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Words can’t express how awesome this e-session was….. so I am trusting the pictures will express it all the better. Joe and Anne are friends of ours here in Berlin and I am shooting their wedding in July. I don’t think it can get here soon enough. Its is going to be so much fun, and so incredibly beautiful… I mean come on, just look at them! Slap on a breathtaking resort on a lake outside Berlin and you pretty much have a photographer’s DREAM! I am pretty sure this post will have a TON of pictures, but I promise not to post ALL of them. There is a SWEET slideshow for that HERE.
Meet this rockstar couple:

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Meet the Z family! Aren’t these little girlies just to die for? What fun it was to shoot their family photos and capture such moments of raw joy and emotion. From a tea party, to butterfly wings, to a chocolate fix break – this family knows how to have fun together!!

And here are a couple of projects I am working on for these pictures. I saw a couple of groups of shots here that would look great in either a collage or storyboard, so I decided to make a couple up to begin with. Also, the newest thing in photography right now is the use of textures to a digital image to help create a very unique work of art. Again, some examples to follow.:

Actually, I designed these last two with textures and a desaturated “vintage” look to them with the idea of them being printed on a canvas gallery wrap. I think the actual texture of the canvas would so complement the texture effect.

(the actual nontextureized ones)

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It seems that each photo shoot I have, I walk away thinking that it was the best EVER. And then the next one rolls around and THAT one is just the best ever. Today I was so thrilled to shoot Sandy’s maternity pictures. She is simply gorgeous and so photogenic. Ironically, she has thought she was not photogenic for years and avoided the camera at all costs! Not so anymore!!! Her beauty and confidence is so transparent and she was so fun to capture in photos! There were so many incredibly fun and unique shots, and also some very classic and traditional captures as well. I am having a really hard time scaling the sheer numbers down. My “favorites” folder is, uh, quite large. 🙂

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