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My family and I met up with the fabulous Bertolini clan on Sunday to attempt some tandem family pictures. Alex is a photographer as well and so we tried to take turns taking our family pics! Ha ha! It looked like a nice sunny day… except for the slight hail storm, ginormous clouds, and freezing wind. Even with the cold, we had a good time… especially when we wrapped it up and headed to the warm train station to eat. Yes, Berlin has amazingly good food in the train stations! Thanks Alex and Robin for hanging out and shooting with us!! Here are a few from the shoot:

And just a couple of my man and little girlie…


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Words can’t express how awesome this e-session was….. so I am trusting the pictures will express it all the better. Joe and Anne are friends of ours here in Berlin and I am shooting their wedding in July. I don’t think it can get here soon enough. Its is going to be so much fun, and so incredibly beautiful… I mean come on, just look at them! Slap on a breathtaking resort on a lake outside Berlin and you pretty much have a photographer’s DREAM! I am pretty sure this post will have a TON of pictures, but I promise not to post ALL of them. There is a SWEET slideshow for that HERE.
Meet this rockstar couple:

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Meet the Z family! Aren’t these little girlies just to die for? What fun it was to shoot their family photos and capture such moments of raw joy and emotion. From a tea party, to butterfly wings, to a chocolate fix break – this family knows how to have fun together!!

And here are a couple of projects I am working on for these pictures. I saw a couple of groups of shots here that would look great in either a collage or storyboard, so I decided to make a couple up to begin with. Also, the newest thing in photography right now is the use of textures to a digital image to help create a very unique work of art. Again, some examples to follow.:

Actually, I designed these last two with textures and a desaturated “vintage” look to them with the idea of them being printed on a canvas gallery wrap. I think the actual texture of the canvas would so complement the texture effect.

(the actual nontextureized ones)

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It seems that each photo shoot I have, I walk away thinking that it was the best EVER. And then the next one rolls around and THAT one is just the best ever. Today I was so thrilled to shoot Sandy’s maternity pictures. She is simply gorgeous and so photogenic. Ironically, she has thought she was not photogenic for years and avoided the camera at all costs! Not so anymore!!! Her beauty and confidence is so transparent and she was so fun to capture in photos! There were so many incredibly fun and unique shots, and also some very classic and traditional captures as well. I am having a really hard time scaling the sheer numbers down. My “favorites” folder is, uh, quite large. 🙂

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What a great way to plan for your engagement session – on vacation in Europe! Audra and Cameron were here visiting mutual friends this week and we just happened to pick THE nicest day of the year thus far to jet around Berlin and do their e-session. And I do mean jet. We walked ourselves to death. But it was worth it…. the diversity of the places and lighting was perfect. Here are a “couple” of my favorites…. I am also in the process of designing their wedding guest sign-in book using their engagement photos. Check back soon for a sneak peek!

Lots more on the SLIDESHOW!

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Belly Shots

Maternity photography is rapidly becoming one of my favorite genre’s of photography. There is just something so precious about the emotion, anticipation, and joy of capturing a soon-to-be mom with her unborn child. I had the pleasure of working with Abby this weekend and documenting this momenteous time in her life. Hope you enjoy! More on the SLIDESHOW.

“…You knit me together in my mother’s womb… I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”
Psalm 139

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Liz’s Fashion Shoot

What fun! A beautiful model…. amazing European, trendy venues in Berlin to shoot in… and FREEZING cold weather. What a mix! Minus the cold weather, it was a great experience.

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