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Artist: God

Photographer: Chelsea Hudson

So I brought along my fave lens to my mountain getaway this past weekend. I can’t tell you how much I love this lens. As Rachel Ray would say YUM-O. I am possibly going to be doing an art fair/show of sorts this fall and would love to include some “fine art” prints like the following…. I see these as large, no extra large prints, either mounted and framed, or gallery wrap canvases. I love the colors, contrast and textures of God’s art. Be on the lookout for some free desktop wallpaper images soon! 🙂

And some live art:


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just so you can get even more of a feel of my style when it comes to kiddo and baby portraits (aka natural, free, fun, casual, fun, easy, fun 🙂 … here are a few snapshots of my own lifetime portrait subjects. 🙂

Running around in the Texas morning sun and humidity (I couldn’t get enough of her curly hair…. here in Phoenix it is pretty straight):

And the youngest one… the ones of her in the white hat were taken outside… This is the same outfit I put my older daughter in when she was 5 months… if you want to see some comparison pictures, check out my personal blog HERE. (beware of lots and lots of the same pictures 🙂

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Just got back from Colorado for a fun and tiring exhausting vacation. 🙂 We were able to reconnect with some dear friends, which makes vacationing all the more fun (at least according to us).

Josiah and John (my hubby) were college roommates for their freshman and sophomore years at John Brown University 7+ years ago. WOW. Time has simply FLOWN by. Six years ago, Josiah and John were talking about the pro’s and con’s of John pursuing a certain new girl on campus (me). Don’t remember the pro’s, but the one “con” was that I was 3 years older. But then Josiah came up with a brilliant solution…. because guys supposedly die younger the women, it was really a pro after all…. we could die together. 🙂 Thanks for getting things started for us Josiah! Autum and Josiah also met at school and married after we all graduated.  Now, seven years and 3.5 kids between the 4 of us… we are all together again in Colorado for a few days.

3.5 you ask? Well, this one is still bakin’ in the oven:

I love how soft, natural, and sweet these are…. TOTALLY reflects Autum’s personality and the way she carries herself and her baby boy. These were all taken at various locations around the cabin we rented. It was a blast.

And dude, if the next one is half as cute as this little guy, we will have another heartbreaker on our hands!!! We love you guys!!

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