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Danish Church…

… one of my all time favorite shots. i love landscape/travel photography and would love to get into it so much more. so much to learn. so much to see. so much to do. i must admit that living in europe has certianly given me some beautiful opportunities thus far…. more to come!


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Happy Easter!

My little girlie has received some wonderful, and beautiful hand-me-downs from her cousin, Greer. Here in Berlin, people don’t “do” easter like they do back in the States. I mean there are eggs and bunnies and church, but it isn’t nearly as big of a deal here. I received several emails from friends back home asking about Adelaide’s “easter dress pictures.” Right. I had totally forgotten about THAT part of the Easter tradition (especialy in the central and southern states I would think).
Adelaide’s easter dresses are from Texas, and thus they are sleeveless. Very adorable. But it was way too chilly here, still, to wear them outside. So I decided to have an impromptu indoor shoot instead. It was the first time she had really been in a dress (that she can remember anyways) and she didn’t quite know what to do about it. 🙂 I mean, come on ladies…. when was the last time you tried to crawl in a dress? Its a frustrating process.
So here’s to wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend. I realize this is a day late, but hey, we are still celebrating, eh? May you enjoy a sense of new life and spiritual renewal… its what I am hoping and praying for!
God bless!

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What a great way to plan for your engagement session – on vacation in Europe! Audra and Cameron were here visiting mutual friends this week and we just happened to pick THE nicest day of the year thus far to jet around Berlin and do their e-session. And I do mean jet. We walked ourselves to death. But it was worth it…. the diversity of the places and lighting was perfect. Here are a “couple” of my favorites…. I am also in the process of designing their wedding guest sign-in book using their engagement photos. Check back soon for a sneak peek!

Lots more on the SLIDESHOW!

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