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just so you can get even more of a feel of my style when it comes to kiddo and baby portraits (aka natural, free, fun, casual, fun, easy, fun 🙂 … here are a few snapshots of my own lifetime portrait subjects. 🙂

Running around in the Texas morning sun and humidity (I couldn’t get enough of her curly hair…. here in Phoenix it is pretty straight):

And the youngest one… the ones of her in the white hat were taken outside… This is the same outfit I put my older daughter in when she was 5 months… if you want to see some comparison pictures, check out my personal blog HERE. (beware of lots and lots of the same pictures 🙂


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There is a “buzz” term floating around the photography community ~ “lifestyle” portraiture. I am sure there are a dozen eloquent descriptions of just what this is out there on the web, but here is a brief CHP description with some photo examples.

Lifestyle portraiture is a departure from the traditional posed, staged portraiture of the past with its muslin backdrops, artificial lighting etc. Instead, this new type of portraiture strives to capture more than just a picture or snapshot of a person or family dressed in their Sunday best, which we all know can really be faked. Rather, it strives to capture the lifestyle of a person or family, or child, which is definitely hard to fake. Lifestyle portraits are diverse and unpredictable. There is nothing cookie-cutter about it, as each and every person’s lifestyle is as unique as their person-hood is.

These two pictures prove that you don’t have to be saying “cheese” to capture a great and memorable portrait. These funny faces reflect the true essence of this 3 year old… sure, its a stage, but its HIS stage right now. And that is worth capturing and remembering in the years to come!

And it sure doesn’t take much to get the imagination churning with these little ones… here James is coming at me “like a tiger.”

What does lifestyle portraiture look like? Well, it should look like YOU. Your life, your style, your environment, your comfort zone, your activities and hobbies… When I shoot a portrait session, I ask my clients to pick out places that bring them joy and comfort and/or nostalgia (i.e. a back yard, special park, the restaurant of a first date, or “memory lane”), to pick out clothes that reflect their personalities (with maybe a little coaching from me 🙂 ), and props that reflect their personalities or memories (i.e. a special stuffed animal or toy for a child, a basketball, guitar or instrument for a senior). I like to get down on the ground when photographing a child so that I can capture them in their world… which is vastly different from the world that is just a few feet higher. I like to hear a client’s love story in detail before we meet so we can incorporate some significant places or things into the shoot if possible. This, in a nutshell, is lifestyle portraiture.

This photo was taken at a splash pad… pure joy. You just can’t “stage” that!
Just the other day, I met a friend at a local park and brought along my camera. We weren’t there for a portrait session, we were just there to have fun. But had this been a portrait session, the pictures would have been just the same. With lifestyle portraiture, you don’t have to dress up if you don’t like… you don’t have to pose in awkward positions for insane amounts of time. I love capturing kids in their element and often that is when they are oblivious of the camera. I love to follow a child onto the playground equipment and capture those priceless and effortless smiles and giggles as they come down a slide, swing high into the sky or make sand castles. I love to capture kids interacting with their parents playing catch, tag or as we call it in our family “gettchyoo.” 🙂 That is lifestyle portraiture. Now, to be sure, I do ask you to look at the camera at times, I do gather the family together to get THE family portrait. But even that should be unique, casual, and most of all comfortable. I have captured the family together blowing bubbles, walking hand in hand, jumping in the air, rolling on the grass in a family pile.

I absolutely love this photo… what a moment! These two were spying through the steps on some other kids playing at the playground. Don’t they look like they are plotting something sinister?!

(for those in the Phoenix metro area)
Don’t forget to book your summer lifestyle portrait sessions for 30% off the package prices!! Or if you or someone you know is looking for a wedding photographer, book by August 1, 2008 for 30% off any wedding package price!
Contact me for more details at info@chelseahudson.com !

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Looks like I will be heading to Texas in mid July…. anyone in the Hill Country area interested in some family/baby/maternity/kiddo/senior portraits this summer? Email me if you are interested so I can start narrowing down some dates! If there is enough interest, you might be seeing some posts soon regarding possible:

~ Marathon sessions: mini sessions for a fraction of the price – 30 minute sessions scheduled back to back in one location for a nominal session fee (all ordering is a la carte).
~ CHP referral promotion: refer your friends to book a session with me and receive free prints, upgrades and/or even a free session.
~ Blog contests for the Texans…. keep checking back for more!
All of the above are contingent on whether or not there is enough interest in booking sessions in the San Antonio area in mid July so EMAIL (chelsea at chelseahudson.com) me if you are interested!

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Man-o-man…. I haven’t even finished the editing process but couldn’t resist posting these…. I am so in love with these pictures of this family… I can’t even stand it! The chemistry, love, joy, and peace these siblings and their mom have with each other is just amazing. And you can see these qualities even just in the photos! Did I mention how gorgeous they all are? Oh yeah, you can see that for yourself… but just know its beauty from the inside out!! So here is a sneak peak… but slideshow and more to come later!

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My family and I met up with the fabulous Bertolini clan on Sunday to attempt some tandem family pictures. Alex is a photographer as well and so we tried to take turns taking our family pics! Ha ha! It looked like a nice sunny day… except for the slight hail storm, ginormous clouds, and freezing wind. Even with the cold, we had a good time… especially when we wrapped it up and headed to the warm train station to eat. Yes, Berlin has amazingly good food in the train stations! Thanks Alex and Robin for hanging out and shooting with us!! Here are a few from the shoot:

And just a couple of my man and little girlie…

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Meet the Z family! Aren’t these little girlies just to die for? What fun it was to shoot their family photos and capture such moments of raw joy and emotion. From a tea party, to butterfly wings, to a chocolate fix break – this family knows how to have fun together!!

And here are a couple of projects I am working on for these pictures. I saw a couple of groups of shots here that would look great in either a collage or storyboard, so I decided to make a couple up to begin with. Also, the newest thing in photography right now is the use of textures to a digital image to help create a very unique work of art. Again, some examples to follow.:

Actually, I designed these last two with textures and a desaturated “vintage” look to them with the idea of them being printed on a canvas gallery wrap. I think the actual texture of the canvas would so complement the texture effect.

(the actual nontextureized ones)

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Meet the wonderful and beautiful Schmerbeck family. I was blessed to be able to do my brother’s family portraits right before returning to Berlin after a wonderful 5 weeks in the US visiting family and friends. My niece and nephew, as you can well see, are two of the cutest kids around. Their parents aren’t half bad either! 🙂

For more pictures, check out their slideshow HERE!

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