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I just got a bunch of business cards printed for myself and a friend from ProDPI, a new-ish pro lab out of California. And I love them. The price, the quality, the service. All were above and beyond my expectations. I received my set of test prints from them and have nothing but praise. Quality, folks…. Quality!

I also received a canvas from Canvas On Demand. Again, blew me away. One of the COD staff called me about my order stating she couldn’t wrap the photo as I had requested, so she worked with me on my other alternatives. I am so glad she called and discussed this with me rather than just “fixing” the problem unbeknownst to me. That is great service. And the canvas is stunning. Of course I may be biased because the subject on the canvas is my beautiful little daughter, but whatever. 🙂 I have not tried out any other canvas labs but hope to in the future… but for now, COD is fantastic in its own right.

And last but certainly not least….. I have jumped on the Moo Card bandwagon full on! WOW. Love, love, love these little cards. You can see they are much smaller than a business card, but you can upload up to 100 different images in a 100 count box of Moo’s. So I ordered two boxes… one with images from my portrait photography and one box with my fine art/travel images. And I am in love. Completely.


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Here is the finished version of Greg and Susan’s wedding album…. Susan has such a creative mind and I love, love, how she and Greg included many of their vows as well as  Lord of the Rings quotes in their album. It was quite a beautiful party, and a long awaited one for these two.

Enjoy! (click on the following photo to view the show)

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