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Pretty in pink….

This is my firstborn, Adelaide… I can hardly believe she is nearly 26 months old. Time does fly when you have kids, folks! I wanted to get in at least one more “just Addie” photo shoot before her baby sister decides to join us, because, well, we all know how many pics of that little girlie there will be in the near future. Adelaide isn’t a huge fan of the camera in her face, so I just followed her around letting her do her thing… whether it was making faces in a mirror, throwing rocks, watering the plants (again), running around… These are the real moments in her life. And she isn’t always smiling for them.. there are lots of serious looks, looks of concentration and frustration. And there are the looks of pure joy. All of these are raw emotions and I want to capture them all because they are real life.

Welcome to Adelaide’s world….

* if you want to see more, there are quite a few on my personal blog here.


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Sarah Quiara, a fantastic photographer out of central Texas, has recently started a blog called http://mamarazzischool.blogspot.com. She is giving all kinds of workshops, tutorials and tips for moms (and anyone else really) on how to capture better photos of their kiddos (so someone else’s kiddos). Its a fantastic and much needed market out there. I get emails quite regularly asking for these kinds of tips…. how to better use a digital SLR, what lenses to get, how to shoot a certain age group and so on. Sarah’s Mamarazzi School and blog are a great resource for all you moms out there that are fed up with the blurry pictures and lost moments when you just KNOW you and your camera are capable of so much more together!

Recently, Sarah has asked some of us fellow photographers to submit our own photo tips and examples and mine was the first to be featured this week (besides Sarah’s)! How fun is that?! Scroll down beneath the “workshop” post for lots of photo tips!

Check it out!!!


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