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Easter Sunday was spent here:






(yes, my daughter is holding, and eating, a snowball in her hand… in arizona…go figure)




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I usually blog about our family adventures and life in general over at my OTHER BLOG, but I thought I would include a little snapshot here as well. 

Spring in Phoenix is really near perfect. And our family has been diligently taking advantage of it since we KNOW what is to come in less than a month (heat, heat, and more extreme heat). 

We learned many valuable lessons while living in Europe from 2005-2007, one of which was to really get out and experience your city, state, country (and in Europe’s case, the countries around you!). And we did that there. And we are trying to do that here in Arizona as well. 

A few of our recent outings have led us north of Carefree, AZ, north of Payson, AZ, and northeast of Apache Junction, AZ. All of them are easy day trips and we love, love, love driving somewhere new and just playing in this new (to us) and fascinating environment (everything from desert to tall pines and snow in March!). 

Here are some snapshots of our family hard at play. 🙂


img_8159_1 img_8045_1













img_1003 img_1031



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just so you can get even more of a feel of my style when it comes to kiddo and baby portraits (aka natural, free, fun, casual, fun, easy, fun 🙂 … here are a few snapshots of my own lifetime portrait subjects. 🙂

Running around in the Texas morning sun and humidity (I couldn’t get enough of her curly hair…. here in Phoenix it is pretty straight):

And the youngest one… the ones of her in the white hat were taken outside… This is the same outfit I put my older daughter in when she was 5 months… if you want to see some comparison pictures, check out my personal blog HERE. (beware of lots and lots of the same pictures 🙂

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Easter Girls

Ahhhhh, what fun it was to photograph my two girlie girls in their girlie Easter dresses this year! I call these my happy pictures…. just looking at them brightens my day. I need to print these off in very large prints or canvas prints and have them hung around my house. Whenever I am having a rough day, or the girls are driving me to my last nerve at the moment, I can look up and around and remember the JOY they bring on a daily basis, and the GIFT they truly are in our lives. Hope these make you smile too…


IMG_1374 IMG_1287 IMG_1172


IMG_1190 IMG_1077 IMG_0940


IMG_1015 IMG_1109

IMG_1368 copybw



*on a business note…. changes are coming soon to this blog, the Chelsea Hudson Photography site and more. Stay tuned!

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Pretty in pink….

This is my firstborn, Adelaide… I can hardly believe she is nearly 26 months old. Time does fly when you have kids, folks! I wanted to get in at least one more “just Addie” photo shoot before her baby sister decides to join us, because, well, we all know how many pics of that little girlie there will be in the near future. Adelaide isn’t a huge fan of the camera in her face, so I just followed her around letting her do her thing… whether it was making faces in a mirror, throwing rocks, watering the plants (again), running around… These are the real moments in her life. And she isn’t always smiling for them.. there are lots of serious looks, looks of concentration and frustration. And there are the looks of pure joy. All of these are raw emotions and I want to capture them all because they are real life.

Welcome to Adelaide’s world….

* if you want to see more, there are quite a few on my personal blog here.

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Happy Easter!

My little girlie has received some wonderful, and beautiful hand-me-downs from her cousin, Greer. Here in Berlin, people don’t “do” easter like they do back in the States. I mean there are eggs and bunnies and church, but it isn’t nearly as big of a deal here. I received several emails from friends back home asking about Adelaide’s “easter dress pictures.” Right. I had totally forgotten about THAT part of the Easter tradition (especialy in the central and southern states I would think).
Adelaide’s easter dresses are from Texas, and thus they are sleeveless. Very adorable. But it was way too chilly here, still, to wear them outside. So I decided to have an impromptu indoor shoot instead. It was the first time she had really been in a dress (that she can remember anyways) and she didn’t quite know what to do about it. 🙂 I mean, come on ladies…. when was the last time you tried to crawl in a dress? Its a frustrating process.
So here’s to wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter weekend. I realize this is a day late, but hey, we are still celebrating, eh? May you enjoy a sense of new life and spiritual renewal… its what I am hoping and praying for!
God bless!

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my munchkin…

My little girl loves apples. She eats the entire thing if we aren’t watching… core and all. We had an impromptu “shoot” together with some wonderful afternoon window light coming in. If you want to see more from this shoot, go HERE.

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