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Matt and Christi are dear friends from church… You may remember Christi’s ridiculously hot preggo pics several weeks back (yup, she’s the one in the header on this blog). Well, their little bundle of joy has arrived and here he is! Also, I just had to include some details shots of his nursery… Christi really outdid herself here. Holy cow! As for Camden…. the kiddo has a thing for cameras. Whenever I would start shooting continuously, he would immediately stop crying and follow the sound of my camera clicking. It was so cute. I think Matt and Christi were seriously considering dropping some serious $$ and hiring me and my camera for night duty. 🙂


img_7253 img_7247


img_7461 img_7467



img_8170 img_8100




img_7494 img_7446

img_7499 img_7336

I just have a thing for baby feet…. I mean LOOK at them!





** And for more eye candy… click on the picture below for the whole slideshow **



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Sweet little Miss Maryn is one year old now! I got to spend some time one morning with her family to celebrate. Phoenix’s new metro system, the Light Rail, recently opened so we thought it would be fun to go shoot on and off the trains.

*** SLIDESHOW can be found HERE ***

the birthday girl


marynkai010 marynkai015

Kai and Adelaide (my daughter) are best buds on the block… and they are so cute and affectionate together. Here is the Little Casanova kissing his sister’s hand. 🙂


marynkai101 marynkai065


marynkai153 marynkai132

marynkai068 marynkai184


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When we set up a time to shoot Lauren’s senior pictures, we decided to tack on a family shoot as well. And so glad we did… the venue was to die for, and the light simply divine. The two crazy dogs on the other hand…. well, nevermind. Anyhow, it was such a pleasure to meet and work with the Rathbuns… they were up for anything, hay bale and all, and just as kind and easy going as can be. Doesn’t get much better than that, folks! 

**Click HERE for the slideshow!!!**

(next up…. a family session extravaganza….. 🙂



rathbun63 rathbun38

rathbun32 rathbun51




rathbun75 rathbun87



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UPDATE: You can view Kathy and Mike’s slideshow HERE.

No, this is not a political post. The stars I am referring to are the following 4 people (and canine): Kathy, Mike, Owen and Noah. And the stripes are just, well, you will just have see for yourself. 🙂 What a fun family and fun shoot this was! Noah, the dog, and Owen, the baby, competitively competed for “best of show” and I have to say they tied. 🙂 What can I say? I am a sucker for both! I mean come on – look at them!!!!

A recent belly shoot is coming soon as well!

UPDATE ON GWEN AND BRIAN’S GALLERIES: Gwendolyn and Brian’s galleries are fully uploaded. You can view them like this: Go to http://www.chelseahudson.com Click on Weddings Click on Clients Enter password (can receive this from the bride or groom or you can email me for the password) Enjoy the view!

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Looks like I will be heading to Texas in mid July…. anyone in the Hill Country area interested in some family/baby/maternity/kiddo/senior portraits this summer? Email me if you are interested so I can start narrowing down some dates! If there is enough interest, you might be seeing some posts soon regarding possible:

~ Marathon sessions: mini sessions for a fraction of the price – 30 minute sessions scheduled back to back in one location for a nominal session fee (all ordering is a la carte).
~ CHP referral promotion: refer your friends to book a session with me and receive free prints, upgrades and/or even a free session.
~ Blog contests for the Texans…. keep checking back for more!
All of the above are contingent on whether or not there is enough interest in booking sessions in the San Antonio area in mid July so EMAIL (chelsea at chelseahudson.com) me if you are interested!

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Man-o-man…. I haven’t even finished the editing process but couldn’t resist posting these…. I am so in love with these pictures of this family… I can’t even stand it! The chemistry, love, joy, and peace these siblings and their mom have with each other is just amazing. And you can see these qualities even just in the photos! Did I mention how gorgeous they all are? Oh yeah, you can see that for yourself… but just know its beauty from the inside out!! So here is a sneak peak… but slideshow and more to come later!

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