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Easter Sunday was spent here:






(yes, my daughter is holding, and eating, a snowball in her hand… in arizona…go figure)




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Danish Church…

… one of my all time favorite shots. i love landscape/travel photography and would love to get into it so much more. so much to learn. so much to see. so much to do. i must admit that living in europe has certianly given me some beautiful opportunities thus far…. more to come!

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Doorway to Europe

I love taking pictures of doors… bright ones, intricate ones, gothic or modern. They fascinate me. I am working on a few “european” projects to commemorate our time living in Europe. No, we aren’t leaving yet, but the job will be ending this year, so I am trying to stay ahead of the game in a sense.

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Spanish Holiday

My husband and daughter and I just returned from a fabulous mini vacation to Spain. We originally intended to spend the 3 full days in Barcelona, but found ourselves opting for the “country” instead. We rented a small mobile home at a camping park in beautiful, breathtaking Vilanova, Spain. This coastal town of 60,000 feels and operates like a much smaller town and its beaches are literally to die for. What a getaway! Here are a few of my favorite shots… Feel free to check out the SLIDESHOW for more pictures as well.

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