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Liz’s Fashion Shoot

What fun! A beautiful model…. amazing European, trendy venues in Berlin to shoot in… and FREEZING cold weather. What a mix! Minus the cold weather, it was a great experience.


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Today’s project…..

People have been asking me what templates I use to create the Christmas cards and invitations I have posted. The answer is “none.” I know there are a multitude of programs out there that make creating collages and composites, invitations, cards and other such compositions a breeze. However, had I run out and purchased them, I would never have learned how to do all of these in photoshop (as well as having a much larger credit card bill!). This collage took quite a bit of time, and it is not perfect, but I did it. Someday, when I have enough money to run and and purchase the software, I will. But not before I teach myself how to do something by “hand” first. I think it is too easy to lean on the abundance of creative programs that, in reality, zap our creativity. But I also value my time (as does my one year old daughter)… so there is a balance to be sought here.

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