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Last weekend, I had the privilege of second shooting for a local photographer and friend, Jenny Spires. She was shooting a wedding for some dear friends of hers from her church. The wedding, and all its people, was just beautiful. Everything from the colors, to the style and decor, to the HUGE smiles plastered on the bride and groom’s faces just screamed of JOY and CELEBRATION. This was my first time to be a second shooter, and it was a ton of fun. I focussed more on the candids, details… the fun stuff. 🙂 When I am the primary photographer at weddings, I rarely get to shoot as many of these kinds of shots that I would want, so I was kinda giddy about it all. Jenny did a fantastic job! Check out more of her work HERE and HERE! It was fun seeing her interact with so many of the guests and wedding party, as most of them were her friends. You can tell there was a huge amount of respect her friends had for her both as a person and as a photographer. Here are just a “few” of my favorites from the day:









img_9064 img_9141

img_9869 img_9736



img_97981 img_9172


img_93231 img_9692bw


img_9625 img_9353

img_9041 img_0001_2


img_8665bw img_8889

img_96202 img_97382



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Still working on getting the full gallery up and running (having a few website glitches at the moment), but for now, here is the slideshow of Gwendolyn and Brian’s fabulous wedding day! Enjoy!

** click on the following picture to view the slideshow **

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Another teaser….

I know, I know… I am being really delinquent in getting the Gwen & Brian pics up in their entirety. I promise… they are coming soon! Slideshow too! For now, you can get an inside peak as to what I deal with in the editing process.

Sometimes I see a killer image… one that just jumps out at me and I want to see it enhanced any way I can. I try black and white…. and love it. I give it a vintage look and feel… and love it. I add some texture… and love it. And in the end, I am stuck with 5 different “looks” of the same image… and I can’t for the life of me choose which is “best.” So I include them all in the galleries and let the bride and groom hash it out. Maybe they don’t like any of them. 🙂 Oh well…. I enjoy the process tremendously.

* yes, I know Gwen’s face isn’t showing and that many would prefer that…. but i still love this shot, and think it is very emotive.*

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Ok, well, here is just a tasty sample of Brian and Gwendolyn’s (isn’t that such a cool name?)  big, beautiful day in Huntington, Indiana! These will have to tide you over for a while so I can edit the rest of their photos and get a slideshow up and running soon. 🙂 A huge thanks to Christen Bordenkircher for her awesome help in second shooting with me! Christen, it was such a pleasure to work with you- thanks so much!!

Brian and Gwendolyn… I hope you have a great time on your honeymoon and I hope your happiest days together are still to come! Blessings to you guys and thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day.:)

I enjoyed the trip out to the midwest very much…. the leaves were starting to change and the air was cool and crisp. Although things are starting to cool off here in Phoenix, it is still warm and the cacti and palm trees aren’t really giving us the fall vibe, ya know? I enjoyed many a winding, country drive through northern Indiana this past weekend. It was refreshing and invigorating to see small town America and get a feel for the simple life again.

Saint Mary Catholic Church, Huntington Indiana… a view of the beautiful stained glass windows through the eyes of a harp.

the first dance…

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Its finally LIVE! I have been working on a new website, actually TWO websites – CHP Portraits and CHP Weddings! Check them out here:

In honor of the new website and new pricing (contact me for a 2008 price list) and new location (Phoenix Arizona baby!), I am going to be offering some killer “specials” this summer. These specials are for local clients only at this time. I want to get to know some fellow Phoenix-onians (or whatever we call ourselves here)!

Here are the first batch of specials ~ stay tuned for more! This is going to be a fun summer! 🙂 🙂


In honor of my 30th birthday this year, I am offering a 30% discount on all weddings and portrait bookings this summer!! Hurry and jump on this special as it
ends August 1, and my full prices will be in effect from that time on.
Portraits ~ Book your session by August 1, 2008 and you will get a 30% discount off whatever package you choose. This discount applies to the package price only, and not to prints and products purchased in addition to the portrait package. Contact me if you have questions or want to book soon! ALL sessions must be booked by August 1 and completed by August 31 for the discount to apply.**

** Bookings are limited to availability so book soon to ensure an available date!
Weddings ~ Book your wedding by August 1, 2008 for 30% off your package price!! This discount applies to the package price only and not to prints, albums, or other products not included in the package price. The wedding has to be booked (with a retainer and signed contract) by August 1, 2008 to reserve your date at the discounted rate.**
** I only take on a very limited amount of weddings each year, so book soon to ensure availability!
May Blog Contest
(this is the first of many CHP blog contests to come so stay tuned for more fun this summer!)
This month I am offering a FREE portrait session* to a random local commenter this month. On May 25th (Memorial Day Weekend as well as my 5th anniversary weekend), I will be choosing a random commenter from this blog post to receive a FREE session! So check out my new websites and head back here and let me know what you think, what you like, what you don’t like :), to just say hey! or be the one to tell me what residents of Phoenix call themselves (Phoenix-onians? Phoenicians? Phoenix-ites?) and you may be the lucky commenter of the month! On the 25th, I will write out the number of comments on pieces of paper, and will randomly draw the number of the winning commenter, and announce it on this blog.
* The free session is for the CHP Digital Package which includes one full portrait session and a CD of full resolution digital files with personal printing release. Contact me if you have questions or would like a full 2008 price list.



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The Wedding

Well, first of all, I have to say it was so wonderful to be able to be a part of Susan and Greg’s wedding day… even if only to meet this extraordinary couple. The love and respect that their friends and family had for them was so incredibly obvious… and very well expressed throughout the day! It was so fun to be a fly on the wall (albeit with a huge camera hanging around its neck) at the reception and listen to toast after toast attesting to the character, perseverance, personality and love these two have for each other, their friends and family and also most importantly, God. Susan and Greg, I wish you all the blessings and joy God has to offer as you embark on this new journey together! Thanks so much for entrusting such a big part of your wedding to me… I hope these pictures (and the hundreds more to come) will bring back all the memories and feelings of joy, excitement, love and anticipation of your wedding day for the years to come.

Onto the wedding…. it was one of the most colorful and “happy” weddings I have ever been to! Susan is Indian and thus incorporated many aspects of her culture into the wedding. The bridesmaids and a good percentage of the female wedding guests were in the most gorgeous, bright, elegant saris! Talk about eye candy!!! I couldn’t get enough of the colors, texture and details of this wedding. It was just stunning. Enough talk… here are a sampling of my favorites from the wedding…

The Details:


Getting Ready:

IMG_0424_1 IMG_0426_1 IMG_0455 copy

The Dress:

I love this first one because of its old world feel…. the girls were staying in an old, beutiful bed and breakfast and it seems this picture really captures the feeling of the place.

IMG_0256_1 IMG_0327_1 IMG_0345_1

The Bride:

IMG_0520 IMG_0491 IMG_0591

IMG_0555 copy IMG_8006

Susan and her fam before the wedding:

IMG_8022 IMG_8055

IMG_8062 IMG_8070Link

Greg and his guys:

A HUGE thanks to Shelby Martin of Shelby Leigh Photography (link on right) for her amazing second shooting skills! While I was with the girls, Shelby was getting some of these awesome shots of the guys!

shelby 103 shelby 067 copy

shelby 114_2 copy shelby 108_2 copy shelby 104_2 copy

The Ceremony:

IMG_8181 IMG_8169

Mr. and Mrs. Smith:


IMG_8458 IMG_8466 IMG_8707_1

IMG_8717bw IMG_8698

And they had this amazing getaway car… bu by the time we got outside it was dark… thanks to a flood light, though, we were able to get a couple of shots off…

IMG_8637_1 IMG_8652_1

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